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Health and Safety

True Care Foundation Ltd aspires for excellence in safety and health. True Care Foundation Ltd is committed to achieving the highest standards in terms of the health, safety, and welfare of our employees, volunteers, and other partners with whom we collaborate – our workforce True Care Foundation Ltd fully acknowledges its responsibilities under all applicable health and safety legislation. We will make every effort to comply with the standards of this Act while also maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.

True Care Foundation Ltd recognises the critical role that our employees play in attaining our humanitarian goals. Fulfilling our moral and legal commitments to our workers in terms of care and protection is critical to ensuring their continuous constructive contribution.

True Care Foundation Ltd will make every effort to ensure safe and healthy working environment, equipment, and work systems. Adequate resources are essential for this provision and policy implementation. Our Board of Trustees and Senior Leadership Team remain committed to making Safety and Health Excellence a top management priority.

True Care Foundation Ltd will actively consult with its employees and foster a constructive attitude toward health and safety issues. We will encourage our employees to detect and report dangers, as well as to provide inventive solutions, so that we may all contribute to the creation and maintenance of a safe working environment.

This policy demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that True Care Foundation Ltd prioritises workplace health and safety and that effective health and safety actively contributes to our continuous success. The successful implementation of this strategy necessitates a genuine commitment on the part of our personnel. We shall constantly monitor and review our health and safety management systems and safe working practises as we strive for Safety and Health Excellence.

Ali Johnson

Ali Johnson – Founder