True Care Foundation we put in the work to transform the school holiday experience for low-income families. When you donate, volunteer or fund-raise for us you will be helping more children and their families benefit from much-needed food during school holidays.


190 Days Challenge

There are 190 non term time days in a year. During this period low income families who depend on the vital support of school meals to feed their children struggle...
Raised: £10.00
Goal: £10,000.00

Food for Thought

We want encourage healthy eating and kids to actively participate in food preparation. We figure that if they are aware of what goes into making their meal they will be...
Raised: £0.00
Goal: £5,600.00

Half Term Help

Struggles faced by low income families can not be answered with one straightforward answer. We learn from our #190DaysChallenge that children spend 190 days out of school that's 25 weeks!...
Raised: £0.00
Goal: £7,500.00

Other Ways to Fundraise

There are many ways you can raise money to help low income families. Fundraising can be done anywhere – at work, at home, on your own or as part of a group. By choosing to take on a challenge in support of True Care Foundation you are directly helping low income families across the UK in desperate need.

Here at the True Care foundation we do almost anything to transform the lives of families in our care. Fundraising for us means you will be helping more children and their families benefit from a much-needed care during school holidays.

Take a look at our 190 Day Challenge page or below for more information and ideas on charity fundraising.

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Payroll Giving is a tax efficient scheme that allows you to make regular donations to  True Care Foundation directly from your salary. As your donation is taken out before tax £10 to us after we’ve claimed Gift Aid it will work out as (10 x 25p) to make your gross donation £12.50.

The monthly donation can be in return for a workplace benefit such as a Dress Down Day. Contact us It’s simple to sign up.

For more information contact us

Crowd funding is a great way to help us to raise money to support families over the school holidays.

Start up a crowding fund project with us using and use or 190 days challenge guide to get ideas of what you can do.

Support from our corporate partners is very vital. Without it, many more families in terrible circumstances would go without the support they so desperately need. We work hard to form lasting partnerships with companies, providing clear business benefits for them and, most importantly, crucial funds, food and activities for the families you will be helping us support.

For details of how your organisation can work with us and become Corporate partners contact us on.

Donating in memory is a great way to help keep alive the kindness and good nature of a loved one who has passed away. If your loved one or someone close to you was a supporter of the True Care Foundation, or simply wanted to do something to make the world fairer place, then setting up a commemorative fund is a great way to celebrate their life and kindness.

There are a few ways that you can donate to the True Care Foundation in memory.

Setting up an interactive memorial page online is an increasingly popular way of giving in memory of a loved one. There are good websites for this such as Memory Giving, which works in partnership with leading UK funeral companies to create personalised fund pages as an extension of the client service. As friends and family visit the page to pay their respects, they can make a donation quickly, easily and securely.

Alternatively, you can organise a collection in the name of your loved one at their funeral or memorial service.

You could also set up a regular or single donation on behalf of your loved one.

Regardless of how much you are able to raise, True Care Foundation ensure that every penny is spent enriching the lives of low-income households.

Arranging to leave a gift in your Will to True Care Foundation is a great way to display your kindness. You can rest assured that your generosity will live on after you and that families in need of support during school holidays will continue to benefit.

Writing a Will means that your wishes are known, with your possessions taken care of.  Writing a will is a big decision, we understand this and how making any changes to it are just as important. That is why we always suggest that you consult a solicitor.

There are three ways you can leave a gift in your Will:

  • Residuary legacy – This is all, or a share of, the whole amount left of the estate and property that remains after all other payments have been made
  • Pecuniary legacy – A gift of a fixed sum of money
  • Specific legacy – A specific object or gift of property

If you already have a Will, you can add a codicil to make a simple change. Your solicitor will assist you with the wording that’s right for your personal circumstances.

Give the Gift of Time.

We are always looking for more helping hands, with many roles to fill, there is always a space for more people willing to be the hear of the community.