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Mission Statement

True Care Foundation is a charity dedicated to supporting low income families with food provision during non term time period. We provide practical and emotional support through compassionate and efficient services that partner with and strengthen the community.


The facts

More than 14 million people in the UK are living below the poverty line and 41% of Londoners can be classed as having a low annual household income. The result of this is 26% of children in the UK are living in absolute low income; with a steady increase since 2013 of those considered to be under relative low income and materially deprived.



Compassion, Support, Empowerment, Equality, Empowerment



  • Reduce the number of low income households suffering from hunger in the UK
  • Provide meals to low-income households outside Term- time
  • Raise funds to help projects/foodbanks that are already working in the community
  • We support a wide network of food banks and together we provide support to families locked in poverty, and campaign for change to end.


What we do

At True Care Foundation we provide food and activities to families who are struggling to support themselves over the school holidays in London and the surrounding areas.

  1. Food Boxes that contain staple food and healthy meal recipes that they can create to feed their families.
  2. Activity Days
  • We organise activity days for families, schools and nurseries
  • Professionals identify families in need and make them aware of our sponsored events.
  • Families come to have food and enjoy the different activities we provide, with your help. .


3. This is all accomplished with your support and donations

Our Projects

There are 190 non term time days in a year. During this period low income families who depend on the vital support of school meals to feed their children struggle to provide regular meals for their households. The challenge these days produces further financial struggles which reduces the ability to access outdoor activities, keeping them inside and at worse an increase in violent domestic related crimes. To help combat this issue we here at the True Care Foundation have developed the #190dayschallenge.

Donating to the 190 Day challenge will directly go to providing food boxes and healthy meal recipes. Which will alleviate their already stretched budget creating further positive impact for the children. Our goal of £10k will help us provide meals for 500 families. Join our challenge and choose a amount to donate over a period of 151 days. All donations make a difference.

Struggles faced by low income families can not be answered with one straightforward answer. We learn from our #190DaysChallenge that children spend 190 days out of school that’s 25 weeks! With budgets already stretched it could be difficult to provide outdoor activities.

So this program helps us work closely with schools and nurseries helping sponsor their efforts and well as put on fundays in the communities ourselves.

We want to encourage healthy eating and kids to actively participate in food preparation. We figure that if they are aware of what goes into making their meal they will be more excited in finishing as they can feel proud knowing that they helped. We also feel that this is a valuable teaching moment where we are able to build a love and awareness of healthy foods. As part of our community outreach our health coaches have Food for Thought days where they teach parents and children healthy food recipes and how to make them. Donating to this programs will help us pay for the ingredients, advising professionals and other resources that help these days happen.

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