True Care Foundation is a charity dedicated to supporting low income families in the UK with food provisions during non term time period.


Build a Global Community where all low income families have the support and provisions to meet their daily needs.

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More than 14 million people in the UK are living below the poverty line and 41% of Londoners can be classed as having a low annual household income. The result of this is 26% of children in the UK are living in absolute low income; with a steady increase since 2013 of those considered to be under relative low income and materially deprived.

This is why True Care Foundation are working to deliver food packages to low income families who struggle to provide their children with meals during the half term when they are able to receive the aid they rely on from schools.

Our Causes

We understand that one of the greatest burdens on an already stretched budget is providing regular meals. Our Projects are all designed to alleviate this burden; by donating to us you will be directly helping us provide meals during non term times.


190 Days Challenge

There are 190 non term time days in a year. During this period low income families who depend on the vital support of school meals to feed their children struggle to provide regular meals for their households. The challenge these days produce further financial struggles which reduces the ability to...
Raised: £10.00
Goal: £10,000.00

Food for Thought

We want encourage healthy eating and kids to actively participate in food preparation. We figure that if they are aware of what goes into making their meal they will be more excited in finishing as they can feel proud knowing that they helped. We also feel that this is a...
Raised: £0.00
Goal: £5,600.00

Half Term Help

Struggles faced by low income families can not be answered with one straightforward answer. We learn from our #190DaysChallenge that children spend 190 days out of school that's 25 weeks! With budgets already stretched it could be difficult to provide outdoor activities. So this program helps us work closely with...
Raised: £0.00
Goal: £7,500.00

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Anna Ross

Team Leader

As a team leader Anna manages a group of volunteers ensuring that all their skills and experience are used effectively across the project and have a fulfilling and enjoyable experience...


Peter Pritcher

Corporate Outreach

As the head of Corporate Outreach, Peter maintains a dynamic program that introduces volunteerism, corporate giving and cause marketing to both the company and its employees; actively strive to make...

Dwayne Phillips

Program Manager

Dwayne translates our program strategies and objectives to the team leaders and works with the managers to ensure that the charity always makes a positive impact and reaches our overall...


Adrian Dimitriou

Web Developer

Financial Planning is key to our effectiveness ensuring that meet our long term obligations and distribute our resources in the most appropriate way. Constantly analysing and reporting impact and consulting...

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