Corporate Partnership

We are always looking to build charity-corporate partnerships to help engage and inspire your employees, those who work with you commercially or help you produce a demonstrable impact, supporting people who desperately need help. As a large corporation it is easy to get swept up in profit and the bottom line; but the hard line is as a collective; those with resources should strive to give back.

Support from our corporate partners is vital. Without it, many more families in terrible circumstances would go without the support they so desperately need. We work hard to form lasting partnerships with companies, providing clear business benefits for them and, most importantly, crucial funds, food and activities for the families you will be helping us support.

Support could be accommodating events to, laptops, bottles of water, first aid boxes and volunteers. We are also constantly in search of items, experiences or services which can be used within one of our many fundraising events.

There are thousands of families and children all across London and its surrounding areas that are in desperate need of our help and support.

Your business could help with donations to support a family in your local area.You and your employees could engage in fundraising activities, sign-up to payroll giving and much more to help raise funds so that a family can receive support from the True Care Foundation.

Every company, big or small, has something special to offer families in need of support. Whether you have a team of 3 or 300 we would be thrilled to discuss ways in which your company can get involved.

At True Care Foundation, we need and appreciate donations that help us improve our efficiency; from food and drink for use at our events, to your company’s time and talent.

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Our Partners